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Amazon Prime Video takes sci-fi route for 'The Peripheral' ad campaign; ropes in virtual influencer Kyra

This is the third brand collaboration for India's first virtual influencer Kyra.

Kyra, India's first virtual influencer, just collaborated with another company. It has integrated with Amazon Prime Video's sci-fi TV show ‘The Peripheral’.

The social media integration shows Kyra in a futuristic setting, where the character embarks on a journey through the live-action world of the show.

"We were beyond thrilled to work on the promotion of Amazon Prime Video's latest series, ‘The Peripheral’, with Kyra," said the creator of Kyra, Himanshu Goel, in a LinkedIn post.

"The show blurs the line between virtual and real life and was a perfect fit for a virtual influencer. For the video, we transported Kyra to the futuristic live-action world of the show itself."

A majority of the scenes in the promotional campaign were from the show itself. The campaign was released post the release of the show's fifth episode on Amazon Prime Video. "With Kyra we are always trying to something unique that might not be as easy to do with a regular influencer. Rather than doing a pose with a product (which is important as well), we try to approach it in a creative way that can tell an interesting story," Goel told afaqs!.

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Goel said that the video garnered more than five lakh views. Kyra’s first promotional campaign was for bOAt Lifestyle, four months ago. Kyra has also collaborated with eyewear brand John Jacobs for a digital campaign. The creators claim that that promotional feature raked in over six lakh organic views in a span of two days.

"For this particular campaign, it was a natural fit as the storyline of the series and Kyra's story has same elements. So we recreated the VR headset from the show and transported her to its setting," Goel added.

Goel revealed that TopSocial India, the creative agency behind Kyra, has more work in the pipeline.

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