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Elon Musk asks if he should step down as head of Twitter in a fresh poll

The public opinion ask follows a few days of heavy criticism of Musk and his newly acquired company.

Twitter chief Elon Musk has asked if he should step down in a fresh poll and that he will abide by its results.

The poll follows a particularly chaotic week for the self-christened Chief Twit. He came under extreme criticism after banning several accounts of journalists – some from media houses like CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times – for “doxxing” his location.

Suspended accounts were reinstated after Musk asked if they should be on Twitter through another poll.

Adding to this, Twitter has banned any links from places it terms “prohibited websites”, some of them being Facebook, Mastodon, and Instagram. This move has provided ammunition to many people who’re calling out Musk on his stand against free speech.

Twitter also suspended the Indian microblogging platform Koo’s VIP account without any forewarning and it led to Koo’s co-founder and CEO saying it will migrate tweets of anybody willing to join Koo, and that it never charges for verification, unlike Twitter.

At the time of publishing this piece, Musk's job as Twitter head, going by the poll, may not last long.

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