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Koo offers migration of tweets and free verification

After Twitter suspended its VIP account without any forewarning.

Koo, a microblogging platform, has offered to migrate tweets of any user willing to join it, and will continue to not charge for verification, says co-founder and CEO Aprameya Radhakrishna as per Business Standard.

Twitter had, a couple of days ago, suspended Koo’s VIP account Koo Eminence which answered queries from VIPs and celebrities interested in joining the Made in India microblogging platform.

"A lot has happened in the 45 odd days since the world's town square became one man's megaphone," Radhakrishna was quoted by Business Standard and he also says Twitter is now a "personal property of the world's smartest and richest man".

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"If you are someone who speaks their mind and engages with others in discussion and debate - a suspension essentially means that you lose access to years of creativity, ideas, connections and insights," he said, and went on to remark, “There is just a blank screen to show for all the intellectual hard work of several years.”

"Within the settings, a simple and elegant button allows you to migrate all your Tweets to Koo… Just click on the migrate button, follow the simple on screen instructions and all your tweets are ported to your Koo account seamlessly."

The suspension of Koo Eminence followed the freezing of many journalists’ accounts, some from media houses like CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. Musk had said accounts were suspended because they’d revealed his exact location and that violated company principles.

However, following a public poll, Musk said the suspended accounts which revealed his exact location were being reinstated.

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