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Fevicol puns on Meghan-Harry's 'royal brexit'

'Should’ve taken Fevicol instead', the brand suggests in its social media post.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan - the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, recently broke away from the British Royal Family. “Did someone mention breakage?” Folks handling Pidilite’s social media handles might have asked themselves when the news broke here in India. The company’s flagship adhesive brand Fevicol had to have a say in the matter.

The brand put out a post on its social media handles punning on the exit of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the British Royal Family. In popular discourse, the situation has been equated with the recent Brexit (Britain’s departure from the European Union) and the term Megxit (from Meghan and exit) was soon coined.

The caption of Fevicol’s post reads, “Fevicol hota toh suss-ex na hota aur parivaar atoot rehta,” meaning Had Fevicol been there, the situation wouldn’t have arisen and the family would’ve been undivided still.

Fevicol wasn’t letting their Royal Highnesses off this easy. The copy of the creative reads, “Dear Royal Family, Kohinoor Nahi, Fevicol Le jaana Chahiye Tha." Translated, it means - 'should’ve taken Fevicol instead of taking the Kohinoor diamond from India.'