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Fevicol reveals the secret to a 'pakka' promotion this year

It all boils down to your choice of seating.

From pay cuts to zero appraisals to people being laid off, this year hasn't been kind to workplaces and its employees. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown put a heavy lid on demand, made everyone conservative about spending, and forced companies to scrutinise their books with magnifying lenses – cut spending as much as possible.

Fevicol reveals the secret to a 'pakka' promotion this year

Most employees are looking at a bleak year ahead with little to no hope for promotions. Unless you are smart about your choice of seating. As per Sanjay Panigrahi, chief customer officer at Pidilite Industries who posted the image on LinkedIn, if you're sitting on a 'Fevicol' chair, then your promotion is nothing but 'pakka'.

Fevicol is one of India's most popular brands, especially online where the adhesive brand can make anything stick to anything for what'll seem forever. And if you're sitting on a Fevicol chair alone in the office, it means you're in your seat forever, cue positive opinion from superiors who'll think you are always working hard and your promotion is pakka.

Amid these troubling times, it's fun to see such humour about workplaces. We'll keep you updated about more such fun stuff.