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Fevicol's iconic mascots tweaked to reflect the changing times

Keeping in mind the rapid spread of Coronavirus, which now has over 125 cases in India, the brand’s new logo talks about one of the precautions.

Fevicol, a synthetic resin adhesive from Pidilite Industries, has upped its social media game. It is one of those brands that has understood 'moment marketing'. And, along with the likes of brands like Amul and Zomato, Fevicol has been speaking on relevant issues while highlighting its USP, which is that once you use it, items are fixed forever.

So, has the brand now decided to go against what it stood for? In its latest social media creative, the two elephants, which are Fevicol's iconic mascots and an unforgettable part of the brand's logo, seem to be walking away from each other. If you only looked at the image, you would think the brand is walking away from what it stood for. But, just wait for a moment and read the copy below the image and you'll understand why we said that Fevicol is acing its 'moment marketing' game.

COVID-19 has spread globally, with over 125 confirmed cases in India now. So, the brand has decided to remind people of one of the most important precautions they can take to minimise the virus' spread - social distancing. And, therefore, Fevicol tweaked its iconic mascots to reflect the changing times.

The copy on the post read 'Kal ke mazboot jod ke liye, aaj thodi doori maintain karona'. It means that for tomorrow's solid future, maintain some distance today.

Another instance when the brand's social media game brought the house down was when Prince Harry and his wife Meghan - the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, recently broke away from the British royal family. Their break-up from the royal family created global headlines and a few news outlets compared it to Brexit (Britain leaving the European Union).

The caption read, 'Fevicol hota toh suss-ex na hota aur parivaar atoot rehta'. It means that had Fevicol been there, the break-up wouldn't have happened and the family would have remained intact. And in a witty remark to the royal family, the copy on the post read 'Dear Royal Family, Kohinoor nahi, Fevicol le jaana chahiye tha'. It means you (the royal family) should've taken Fevicol, instead of Kohinoor (diamond), from India.

While Fevicol did catch the mood of the nation and the world, COVID-19 has affected companies as well as the daily lives of people.

The media and entertainment world is looking at a bleak future because it had to cancel all shoots till March 31, 2020, to keep the spread of the virus at bay.

Similarly, the India Premier League (IPL), the premier twenty20 cricket tournament, had to postpone its dates to April 15 from the original starting date of March 29.

Meanwhile, there has been a surge in food delivery orders, thanks to all those employees who're working from home now. So, many fast food outlets and food delivery firms have introduced contactless delivery to ensure maximum social distancing during delivery.