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GroupM advises clients against advertising on Twitter

According to reports, GroupM has put Twitter at 'high risk' for media buying, in lieu of the growing internal turmoil.

GroupM has warned its clients against buying media on Twitter. A Digiday report says that Twitter is now a very 'high-risk' media buy. The global media buying agency shared the advice with its clients via a document. It expressed concern about the constant turmoil that has engulfed the social media giant, post its takeover by Elon Musk.

GroupM's advisory primarily rose from the numerous resignations at the C-suite level. The misuse of the new 'blue tick' policy also triggered a lot of controversies for the social media giant, as well as the brands that have a Twitter account.

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In the document, GroupM said that the risk levels may reduce for Twitter, if it resolve a set of issues. GroupM recommends Twitter return to baseline NSFW levels, fill out the managerial positions with senior staff, and put in better policies that ensure full transparency on future development plans for the community.

The past two weeks have seen major rumblings in the 'Twitterverse'. Musk's Twitter takeover, has ushered in a string of new developments. The most unique development was the $8 subscription plan for verification of an account. This led to many imposter accounts spreading misinformation about specific brands. Brands like Lockheed Martin witnessed huge losses because of the misinformation spread on Twitter.

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Twitter launched an official tag for the actual accounts of the company, later. The Musk-led regime has also seen the termination of thousands of Twitter employees. Many of these updates caused an exodus at the top level, including Twitter's head of sales, Robin Wheeler. But like a few other top executives, she also decided to join back.

The situation has already triggered a sense of wariness from marketers to advertise on Twitter. Brands like Audi, United Airlines, Volkswagen, Mondelēz India, among others, have already paused their advertising on Twitter.

Another mulitnational media group Omnicom has also reportedly recommended its clients to pause their pending on Twitter in the short term. In a memo accessed by The Verge, the company seemed spectical about Twitter's ability to maintain its previous level of brand safety.

The company says that the recent recent moves although dont raise a high risk environment for advertisers in the long term, there is still a risk of associating with the platform in the short term. This risk is owed to the unsafety of their content, which could rise in the short term.

Omnicom serves clients like McDonald's as well as Apple.

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