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Indeed India targets job seekers with #IndeedPeDhoondo campaign

Employment search engine Indeed has partnered with video sharing platform TikTok for the launch of its new campaign titled #IndeedPeDhoondo. The brand has roped in several TikTok creators to kick start the campaign.

Basically, the campaign thrives on a specially tailored Indeed rap verse, upon which the creators have to produce their dancing videos - with #IndeedPeDhoondo in the description. The creator community of the platform has heartily embraced the hashtag, clocking 410 million views already. The campaign has been crafted and executed by Webenza.

To get the campaign started, the brand roped in some TikTok influencers to take the lead. Putting together some moves to the beat of the ballad in the background, the creators are seen promoting the brand with a monologue after their brief dancing rituals.

The core of the campaign, as the brand revealed, is to grab the attention of potential job seekers. Highlighting the difficulties people often face in finding jobs, the brand presents itself as an easy way out. As is apparent, the brand aims to spread the word, at a time when unemployment is a national concern.

“In line with its earlier campaigns, Indeed continues to work towards creating awareness among job seekers while strengthening its audience connect by leveraging newer channels that are native to the latest cohort to join the workforce. This collaboration aims to empower job seekers by creating awareness on the best way to search for jobs,” says Sashi Kumar, managing director, Indeed India.

Answering a question about the TG, Kumar says, “The campaign is targeted at millennials and Gen Z. With a platform like TikTok that hosts a varied and expansive user base, it is the perfect place for us to engage with job seekers.”

We reached out to Webenza to get some insights about the campaign. Commenting on the collaboration between TikTok and Indeed, Rajan Bagga, digital marketing manager, Webenza says, “Our research showed that TikTok is the brighter side of the Internet where people go to relax and avoid clickbaity content. Indeed India expects to amplify its purpose of alleviating job search struggles and it was a no-brainer that TikTok could play right into that.The communications team at TikTok India was extremely cooperative and helped us through and through.”

We wondered if the campaign was crafted for a specific demographic. Rajan answers, “Anybody and everybody who has taken the challenge on TikTok and is a 'Muser' falls into the demographic. The crisis of mid-senior employees being out of jobs is too real. We want to enable them by spreading the news that there are many opportunities out there and to not lose hope.”

The campaign was unveiled after going through different phases, formulated by the brand and the agency. The initial phase was that of collaboration, followed by reaching out to influencers and then finally executing the campaign on the platform and spreading the word across social media.

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