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Lay's India goes on a gratitude spree

It thanks several brands on social media for their efforts during the lockdown

Lay's India, the chips brand, has gone on a spree of gratitude and thanks for several brands across industries on social media today. Its Twitter handle is filled with creatives of a Lay's pack with a special message for the brand.

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The chips brand has used #Heartwork in its tweets - its tribute to all the unsung heroes of the lockdown who ensured consumers weren't deprived of their favourite brand. We assume the latest tweets are an extension of the tribute for various brands.

Dilen Gandhi, Senior Director and Category Head – Foods, PepsiCo India said, “At the beginning of this month, we launched a campaign - #Heartwork to thank farmers, truck drivers, retailers, and many more unsung heroes who have brought joy to millions. Maintaining the chain of gratitude, we reached out to leading companies and brands such as Flipkart, Tide, Vistara, Kia and Cadbury and many more, with a customised virtual pack to express our gratitude for their #Heartwork.

At the time when consumers couldn’t step out, the unsung heroes played an essential role in providing products & services every day across the country. Their tireless hard work is indeed Heartwork. We hope this will inspire many more brands join this journey and appreciate these unseen heroes.”

Here are some of the tweets: