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Meta plans to introduce ad-free Instagram and Facebook for Indian users by next year: Mint

Ad-free subscriptions are for the users unwilling to grant consent to personalized advertisements.

Amidst ongoing discussions concerning the potential implementation of ad-free subscription plans within the European Union, Meta Platforms is reportedly contemplating a similar initiative for the Indian market by 2024, as reported by Mint.

Meta Platforms, the corporate umbrella behind social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is currently engaged in internal deliberations regarding the introduction of subscription plans specifically tailored for Facebook and Instagram. While these discussions are still in their preliminary stages, the report suggests a possibility of this approach being adopted in the near future.

The report underscores that these internal discussions have been convened to explore monetization strategies for Meta on a global scale, with a particular focus on India. In light of the recently enacted Digital Personal Data Privacy (DPDP) Act, Meta is actively working towards achieving compliance and is exploring the most effective means of introducing a trial ad-free subscription service while adhering to data regulations.

In the context of India, this prospective venture is expected to materialize sometime in the middle or towards the end of 2024.

On October 2nd, The Wall Street Journal revealed Meta's intentions to roll out an ad-free subscription tier within the European Union, targeting users who are unwilling to consent to Meta's user tracking-based personalized advertisements, which presently serve as its primary revenue source. The proposed subscription plan may entail a cost of $14 (approximately ₹1,150) per month for mobile access to Instagram and $17 (approximately ₹1,400) per month for desktop access to both Instagram and Facebook.

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