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Netizens rally behind man's unique job hunt to secure dream position at Netflix

Krishna, a senior copywriter, has taken to the streets with his creativity to land a job at Netflix. Here is how his efforts are being received.

LinkedIn user Krishna Daga, a senior correspondent by profession, is being talked about by many on the networking site for his unconventional job hunt. Daga recently launched a creative unilateral campaign to pursue a job at Netflix.

In hopes of becoming the manager of social marketing at the company, Daga took to the streets of Mumbai and Bangalore to kick things off. With details about his skills and ambitions, and a headline that reads ‘India’s most eligible Admin’, Daga placed posters on the backs of Rickshaws and Street poles. And as things stand, he is receiving a lot of traction.

Many netizens who encountered Daga’s out of the box hustle, have taken to social media urging Netflix to hire him. One user asked Netflix to send Daga an offer already, while many others showed appreciation for Daga’s efforts.

Daga has further posted a montage of memes to describe himself and his eligibility for the position. The efforts, as unconventional and unordinary as they are, have at the very least put the copywriter in the good books of many netizens. 

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