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Pocket FM's 'Sound Diplomacy' aims to unite boAt and Apple fans with #enoughsaid

It has sparked a trend of dramas, with users and brands like BankBazaar and incorporating their quips.

The latest showdown in the tech world has got tongues wagging and fingers typing faster than ever. What has got everyone in a tizzy, you ask? Well, it's none other than a cheeky little ad from boAt, taking a swing at Apple's AirPods.

Ever since this digital duel began, the internet has been set ablaze with debates and memes. Supporters of boAt are hailing them as the David to Apple's Goliath, while critics are crying foul, accusing them of kicking a hornet's nest.

Nishant, a software engineer, comments, "Nice Marketing Strategy to include both market leaders boAt Lifestyle Aman Gupta and Apple in one space!"

Perinbarajan S commented, "Aman Gupta , you've started something which will now take a while to extinguish."

Pocket FM has swooped in with its own take with its hashtag #enoughsaid, they are reminding us all that in the grand scheme of things, it's the content behind the sound that matters, irrespective of the brand stamped on our earpieces.

And just like that, Pocket FM's post went viral faster than you can say "Bluetooth." Suddenly, everyone's buzzing about it on LinkedIn and Instagram.

The battle of the brands rages on, but in the end, whether you are team boAt or team Apple, one thing's for sure: the real winner here is entertainment. And maybe, just maybe, a good old-fashioned laugh.

Brands like BankBazaar and are also joining this trend started by Pocket FM with their own witty quips. It seems like everyone wants a piece of the action in this tech drama!

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