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boAt takes aim at Apple in these new ads

The new ad film supplemented by a print ad position boAt as a better alternative to Apple airpods.

Consumer electronics brand boAt has taken a dig at global tech giant Apple in an ad film, and a print ad in The Times of India newspaper. In the advertisements, the brand urges individuals not to conform to the stereotype of a 'fanboy' often associated with Apple customers, but rather to adopt the identity of a 'boAthead'.

First came the print ad, with the visuals that depict a red apple (symbolising the tech company) pegged against boAt earphones. While the ad doesn’t explicitly and categorically illustrate Apple or its products, the implications are clear, especially with Apple's signature tagline 'Think Differently' being rewritten as 'Think Better'.

boAt's print ad takes a dig at Apple
boAt's print ad takes a dig at Apple

Towards the bottom of the ad is a copy that counts the advantages of boAt earphones over Apple airpods. It reads, “Better Bass. Better Active Noise Cancellation. Better Battery Life.

The ad, created by Foxymoron, a creative agency, also sees the brand thank its customers for “making boAt the second largest wearable company globally.”

Soon after the print ad, the brand also unveiled an ad film that takes the whole jibe at Apple to a new level. The film depicts a teenager who enters her home only to see her family already waiting for her to arrive, albeit a little angrily.

They've been informed by someone that their daughter is out fooling around with 'boAt earphones', something the 'iFamily Max Pro' can't approve of. The "iFamily Max Pro" here is a jibe at Apple's product nomenclature.

Essentially, the ad film shows the family act in a very classist manner, looking down upon any non-Apple products. The inspiration appears to be the casteist dilemmas lovers often fall into in our country.

To the family's dismay, the girl has her answers ready. Each question is met with an answer that denotes the merits of the boAt earphone being discussed.

A year ago, boAt also locked horns with an Indian electronics brand Mivi which claimed that the company imports its products from China and sells them to Indian audiences under the pretext of ‘Made in India’. In response, boAt published a print ad on Hindustan Times and The Quint, celebrating its milestone of ‘1 crore products Made in India’. 

In a press release, Aman Gupta, the company’s CMO said, “boAt has proved naysayers wrong by successfully undertaking the design, engineering, and manufacturing of wearables in India. Today, 90% of our wearables are manufactured in India.

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