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Tinder and Netflix get the ball rolling in a Twitter exchange...

With just over two weeks to go, Valentine's Day is approaching hard and fast. Like every year, people aren't short of one liners to commemorate the lovers' eve - and brand's aren't either.

Tinder, through its official Twitter handle, made a tweet on the upcoming Valentine's day. The tweet read, '25 din hai Valentine's Day mein...'. And Netflix was quick to respond. 'Bacha lena apne love life ko!', replied Netflix – a reference Sacred Games fans will understand. And what followed was an exchange of puns.

The exchange then transitioned into an open invitation by Tinder to Netflix – calling for some Netflix and chill. And Netflix made sure it swiped right on the offer.

Tinder and Netflix get the ball rolling in a Twitter exchange...

While the conversation gained momentum, Durex India stepped in with a pun of its own. 'Bohot na-unsafe-y hai!'.

The brief exchange of tweets gained a lot of eye-balls with the original tweet by Tinder clocking 2.8k likes and nearly 300 retweets, as of now. And with eye-balls, come the brains behind them. Many users rushed in to make one remark or the other. From one-liners, to memes, the Twitterati made sure the conversation had enough sauce added to it.

Single people, who apparently have nothing to do with a day like Valentine's, invited others to laugh at their pain. Here are a few tweets that grabbed our attention.

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