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Tinder lets predictive text engage users

Tinder asked users to let their keyboard's predictive text option create plans for them.

Come February, love is in the air and marketers are vying for consumer attention, given that this is when Valentine's Day themed celebrations and offers kick off. Tinder India took to social media to invite users to play a 'game.' The brand put out a tweet, asking users to let their predictive text keyboard decide what their Valentine's Day plans will be.

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In India, Tinder is a brand that has attempted to build a youthful identity and is well known for the tongue-in-cheek tone it uses across all social mediums. Their 2018 'adulting can wait' campaign was along the same lines. Rivals OkCupid and Aisle have taken digs at the app in the past too.

The brand is famously known for having a good sense of humour and has also indulged in banter with other brands on Twitter.

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Here are some of the funniest responses to Tinder's virtual game.