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Elon Musk says Twitter Blue to relaunch on November 29

The $8 verification offering was launched and then, in a few days, caged after a staggering rise in impostor accounts.

Bringing Twitter Blue back from its premature demise is Elon Musk who, on Wednesday, said he is “punting relaunch of Blue Verified to November 29th to make sure that it is rock solid.”

The $8 verification service let anybody who paid the sum get the blue tick, a symbol of verification and a status symbol while at it.

Soon after its launch, Twitter was filled with impostor accounts leading to a flood of misinformation. Examples include a fake Nintendo account posting a picture of Mario showing his middle finger to an impostor account of pharma company Eli Lilly saying insulin is free.

The social media company zipped Twitter Blue as a preventive measure to halt the flow of impostor accounts and the confusion they had created.

Responding to the everyday chaos that has plagued Twitter since Musk's takeover, ad giants IPG and Omnicom had advised their clients to pause advertising on the social media platform while media buying and selling behemoth GroupM has warned its clients against buying media on Twitter.

Photo courtesy: Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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