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Will ‘Mythpat’ join Professor and the ‘Money Heist’ gang?

The Indian YouTuber features in Netflix India’s video to create a stir for the leading streaming platform’s upcoming virtual watch party.

Mithilesh Patankar, also known as ‘Mythpat’, is famous for his comedy gaming videos on games like Minecraft and GTA on YouTube. He recently featured in a video for leading streaming platform Netflix India, where he is seen wondering about the popularity of Spanish show ‘Money Heist’.

The video shows a fun banter between Mythpat and the Professor of ‘Money Heist’, where the latter gives the former a suspicious call at 2 a.m and delivers a special box. The box contains ‘Money Heist’ merchandise like the limited edition ‘Bella Caio’ Pepsi cans and bottles, a bobblehead and more. The box also has a letter written by the Professor, where he shows his interest in making Mythpat a part of his team.

In his signature comic style, Mythpat is seen guessing his name once he becomes a member of the gang. He jokes about how he may be called ‘Ghatkopar Panvel’, as all other characters of the show are named after places.

The Professor first asks Mythpat questions based on situations that have happened in the show. Failing to answer most of them, the Professor finally invites Mythpat to be a part of the ‘Money Heist’ watch party that will be live-streamed on Netflix India’s YouTube channel on October 9 at 7.30 p.m.

The ticket to the party is in Pepsi can and bottle that the Professor had shared with Mythpat earlier. Pepsi had unveiled a limited edition set of golden cans and packs, inspired by this iconic series, which are also the golden ticket to join the highly anticipated fan party.

Earlier, Yashraj Mukhate, the popular Internet sensation, had composed a special musical invite for the much-awaited virtual fan party, making the audience even more excited.

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