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Xiaomi’s Manu Jain and Baba Sehgal rap it out for the brand's Diwali campaign

The video says much about Xiaomi’s marketing – optimal use of social media even if the top boss has to crack a quirky rap number and dance it out.

“Ye hai Manu, mai hu Baba, Bhook lagi hai, let’s go to dhaba…” The lyrics of this rap video is as Baba Sehgal as it gets. Only this time, Sehgal has been joined by Xiaomi’s top executive Manu Kumar Jain and the song is a launch video of the brand’s Diwali campaign ‘Diwali with Mi’.

In a LinkedIn post, Jain mentions that apart from the basic KRAs (key result areas) of his role as a Xiaomi leader, he also needs to sing and dance. The rap and dance bout by the Manu-Baba duo also says much about Xiaomi’s style of marketing – leveraging social media to the fullest even if the top boss has to crack a quirky rap number and dance it out.

Also, Jain’s strong social media presence makes him nothing less than an influencer, a major asset for Xiaomi built over years. The video is an example of how there’s always a next level.

“Super proud of our incredible team that motivated me to shoot this video,” Jain mentions in the post.

Xiaomi’s video with Baba Sehgal is timely as Sehgal recently made news with an unofficial audition video for Cred’s buzzy IPL campaign.

The Cred video featured dual Baba Sehgals and starts with ‘Cred is and app, in the world map...’

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