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The frequency of brand offers is fanatic: Zeenat Aman

The actress talks about her social media sensation status on day two of Goafest 2024.

There are influencers and influencers. Zeenat Aman is the latter. The septuagenarian actress turned social media sensation is the toast of her followers and the figure of envy for several internet personalities; there’s a sense of steely gentleness and honesty in her posts that are near impossible to replicate.

What’s interesting to note is her entry into the world of social media was not her doing but her children's. “I’d been leading a private life because I was a single mother, and I valued my privacy,” said the actress to RJ Anmol during day two of Goafest.

Her kids set up her Instagram account and it went live in February 2023. She felt it would infringe on her privacy, but her kids urged her to give it a shot and assured her they would take charge of all the technicalities.

An Economic Times story from May last year put the veteran actress put her above international celebrities when it came to engagement rates – Aman’s stood in double digits at 16.61% while everyone was single.

Her followers at the publishing of that story were 260K. Today in May 2024, it is 749K. “Engagement and followers, it is all organic,” she states, and adds, “People like to listen to these stories and captions that are real and where you are honest and forthcoming.”

An interesting aspect of her career is the brands she has partnered with. The majority of them are internet-first brands. There are Tinder, Bumble, Google, Cred, and Urban Company. Over 75% of her brand collaborations belong to this category.

“The frequency of brand offers is fanatic,” she reveals and says she likes to space it out and be careful about what brands she associates with. “We will consider one or two, maybe in a month.” 

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