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Heval Patel and Dhaval Jadwani take charge as joint COOs of The Womb

Heval will focus on top-of-the-funnel business aspects, while Dhaval will enhance mid- and bottom-funnel client capabilities.

In a significant leadership progression, Heval Patel and Dhaval Jadwani, two company veterans, have been named joint COOs of The Womb.

Explaining this move, Navin and Kawal said, “We have always believed that real capability building requires focus, investments, and dedicated resources. This is why we decided to give our two senior-most leaders independent responsibilities. While Heval will focus on our top-of-the-funnel business and manage the entire P&L, stakeholders, and talent, and continue to deliver excellent work for which we are already known, Dhaval will work across our clients and build mid and bottom funnel capability to ensure that each of our clients has access to our The Womb 2.0 capabilities. Heval and Dhaval have grown up with The Womb and live the values and vision of the company every day. Their client focus, strategic acumen, and relentless pursuit of excellence make them the perfect choice to steer the company forward. Both these gentlemen will be directly working with Anurag.”

Commenting on his new role, Heval Patel said, “Many years of building The Womb with blood, sweat, laughter, and tears have been exciting. The journey of making The Womb the top independent agency in Asia & amongst the top 3 most effective independent agencies in the world is very satisfying, but ‘picture abhi baaki hai’. Extremely driven to take The Womb to the next level and conquer many heights.”

With two decades of experience, Heval is sought after and respected business partners for his clients. At The Womb, he was instrumental in the creation of the award-winning Saregama Carvaan campaign, recognised as the 'Most Effective Campaign in the World' at the WARC Global 100 awards.

His track record includes delivering campaigns for brands like Mahindra SUVs, Britannia, Upgrad, Astral, and many others. He's been honoured with numerous international effectiveness awards and was named Campaign Asia's South Asia Account Person of the Year.

During his time at Ogilvy India, he led the Castrol Global portfolio, establishing the Mumbai office as the 'Global Hub' for Motorcycle Oil. He also played a pivotal role in the successful brand building of Tata Sky, showcasing his strategic prowess and industry leadership.

Dhaval said “The best way to grow is to get better every day at what you do and to find new things to learn, get better, and perfect. The opportunity to learn the latest and emerging ways to partner with clients in their business success is equally challenging and exciting. With the help and experience of Navin, Kawal and Anurag, we are honoured to take our new roles leading The Womb 2.0 into tomorrow and find greater success for us and our clients.”

Dhaval is a seasoned professional with 19+ years of experience in global agencies, experiential marketing, movie marketing, and start-ups. He has managed clients in finance, personal care, F&B, media and entertainment, OTC and lifestyle. His expertise lies in learning and adapting to different roles and responsibilities. He has been with the Womb since the very beginning.

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