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Kavita Nair moves on from Vi; Avneesh Khosla appointed new CMO

Kavita Nair, the chief digital transformation officer and marketing head has moved on from the company.

After spending nearly 20 years working at Vi (formerly Vodafone-India), Kavita Nair has moved on from the company. She was responsible for relaunching Vodafone-Idea as Vi - with a new revamped brand identity, logo and name.

In a recent interview, Nair adds that network integration and other technical nuances were considered as important first steps to integrate both the brands, and they decided to communicate to the consumers about the brand only after that. Her next move remains unknown.

Avneesh Khosla, will be taking over her role. He was previously the Director - Marketing and has been elevated to the role of Chief Marketing Officer. He has been associated with the company since 2002.

Avneesh Khosla
Avneesh Khosla

Khosla has also been associated with Vi for over two decades. His association with the company began when it was known as Hutch - in 2002.

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