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Sam Altman to return as CEO of OpenAI

OpenAI made this announcement on Twitter and as a part of this, a temporary board will also be formed.

Sam Altman is set to make a comeback as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OpenAI, shortly after a period of leadership uncertainty. OpenAI, a prominent player in the field of artificial intelligence, has revealed an agreement for Altman's return, accompanied by the formation of a temporary board. The primary responsibility of this board is to select a new permanent board, and it is anticipated that Microsoft will be involved in this process.

Altman's abrupt departure on Friday appeared to be permanent, but the situation quickly evolved. OpenAI swiftly appointed two new CEOs within three days, however, the employees were dissatisfied. They expressed their intention to join Altman at Microsoft if the board did not resign.

Altman and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella have both now tweeted about the deal to return.

The board did not provide a clear explanation for the dismissal of Altman, despite the potential legal issues. Furthermore, a member of the board, Ilya Sutskever, switched allegiances on Sunday, thereby undermining the remaining three members. Altman's reinstatement is significant for OpenAI and prompts inquiries about the internal happenings within the company.

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