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Shreya Agarwal, head of FilterCopy, has moved on

She joined the company in August 2017 and quit in in March 2024.

After spending nearly seven years at Pocket Aces’ content brand FilterCopy, its head Shreya Agarwal has moved on.

She announced the news of her departure on LinkedIn in a lengthy post. A part of it reminisced how she went about achieving her firsts at the brand:  

“I remember everything like it was yesterday. Every interview. Closing my first ever deal. Predicting how long it'd take for a video to hit X million views. Writing my first video. Making my first hire. My first time letting someone go. My first credit as a producer. Watching a show concept in my head come to life on screen for the first time. The day we hit 4M followers on IG. Holding the 10M YouTube plaque. My farewell where so many of you turned up to celebrate me.”

In 2023, she, at Goafest, shared the workings of the brand’s viral videos and how it packages them basis the platform with us (afaqs!). “We make the first scene very short because the first three seconds matter the most on Instagram or Facebook as opposed to the first 30 seconds on YouTube where you have that leeway.”

Agarwal joined FilterCopy in 2017 as an associate in the sales and brand solutions department and moved up the ladder to become its head in July 2021. Before this brand, she spent two years at the digital marketing agency FoxyMoron.

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