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Post Lockdown

With savings a priority, “there might be some shifts towards downtrading”: Rashi Goel, Nestlé India

Rashi Goel, director, consumer communications, Nestlé India, talks about the brand's priorities post lockdown.

As part of our 'Post Lockdown' series, we reach out to marketers across categories to get their opinion on how their market and consumer behaviour might change in the post pandemic world. Here's what Rashi Goel, director, consumer communications, Nestlé India, has to say:

Once the lockdown is lifted, what will be your big priority/ies?

Our biggest priority will be the continued safety and good health of our employees, both in office and on the frontlines. Employees who work in the factories and supply chain management are the arteries that help the business sustain, irrespective of external circumstances. Since food and beverages are essential goods, we will also focus greatly on making sure our products are available on shelves in full measure, to provide nutrition, comfort and joy to people.

Will your market behave the way it was before lockdown, or will there be subtle changes?

Presumably, there will be changes in consumer behaviour. Eating out will still be constrained, so, consumers will look for more interesting ways to make delicious restaurant-like food at home. Since many urban households have been cooking on their own, the quest for more convenient products that reduce time may increase, even after we return to normalcy. Some trends that might deepen include seeking variety at home, and combating boredom at the dinner table.

Focus on health and nutrition, and preventive healthy habits may increase. Since the prediction is that consumers will prioritise saving, there might be some shifts towards downtrading. In food and beverages (sector), the ask for good quality, proven brands and products may increase more than ever before.

Will your broad view of marketing communication be different from before, in some way?

The fundamentals of communication won't change - consumer empathy and consumer understanding will still inform communication programs. A renewed consumer understanding program needs to be kickstarted. When the society is going through such fundamental shifts, new mindsets, behaviours, and ultimately habits, will emerge. This will be an interesting time to process and then showcase fresh insights. I think that going forward, we are in for some interesting new takes in communication programs.

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