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Ikea is no longer just a furniture company

The brand has tied up with other brands such as adidas, Lego and Sonos and is planning to sell everything. It wants to be the source of affordable, well-designed everything.

It is not just other brands. Ikea has also begun collaborating with artists and designers from all kinds of disciplines - Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson, fashion designer Virgil Abloh (the name behind the Ikea receipt rug), the Solange-backed cultural hub Saint Heron, perfume creator Ben Gorham and glass and ceramics artist Per B Sundberg, among others.

So, what exactly is Ikea going to do? It has dropped a few hints. For example, it will work with Eliasson’s Little Sun spin-off to create solar products for communities without electricity access.

While everyone is waiting and watching to see what unfolds, Ikea has announced a list of collections.

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