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The money in advertisements

Fruit of the Loom hid piles of cash in plain view – for the few who actually notice ads.

Fruit of the Loom and its ad agency, CP+B, came up with a plan that made those who ignore ads a bit foolish.

They hid thousands of dollars in cash – along with pairs of free underwear – in plain sight of those who cared to check it out. New York’s citizens would have found stacks of $1851 (the year Fruit of the Loom was set up) if they cared to spend some time looking at the ads.

There was a tiny red door outside a popular ice cream shop. There was a lock-box with a tiny inflatable tube man dancing on top. There was a tourist viewfinder - binoculars mounted on a metal stand - pointed at a brick wall. Each one contained instructions for finding the associated treasure - or simply contained the cash itself, stowed away and ready for anybody who stopped long enough to take notice.

This was part of a clever plan to showcase a new line of underpants so comfortable and lightweight that, Fruit of the Loom claims, people won’t even realize they’re wearing underpants at all. Similarly, the brand guessed, people wouldn’t notice ads subtly touting big piles of money. There are more locations for those who missed out.

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