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Juzt Jelly Mango

Uploaded on Aug 12, 2015

Brand : Alpenliebe | Product Group : Eclairs | Name of Agency : McCANN | Concept Note : The TVC showcases this irresistibility by turning the traditional family dynamics on its head. It tells you the story of a boy’s father and grandfather who’ve conspired together to grab hold of the boy’s Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly. As the duo discovers in the film, the boy is far too smart to fall in their trap. | Country of Agency : India | Client : Perfetti Van Melle | Work type : Client work | Date of publication / release : Aug 12, 2015 | Additional credits : Prasoon Joshi(Chairman Asia Pacific, CEO & Chief Creative Officer India), Kapil Batra(Executive Creative Director) Account Management: Ashlesha Shukla, Abhimanyu Aggarwal, Sumanka Gandhi Films Dept: Jeet Kalra Production House: ​QED Director: ​ Abhijit Chaudhuri DOP: Avik Mukhopadhyaya ​Producer: ​Supratik Datta​ Music: ​Amar Mangrulkar​ | Views : 6