Orienta Cine Advertising creates innovative lift branding for ITC Engage On 2-in-1 pocket perfume

Orienta cine advertising ideated and executed an innovative lift branding campaign for the brand ITC Engage On 2-in1 pocket perfume. ITC Engage On 2-in-1 perfume comes with an unique feature of providing two different fragrances in a single pocket perfume pack, relating to different moods, situations and places.

Considering this unique attribute Orienta cine advertising crafted an engaging lift branding idea in the most happening malls of Kolkata like Mani Square Mall, Acropolis Mall and City Centre 1.

The unique element in this lift branding is - the product image of two in one pocket perfume on the two gates of the lifts (inside and outside lift gates) are placed in such a way that it presents a very eye catching way of differentiating the two different perfumes in a single pack, when the lift door opens at each floor of the malls.

“Innovative ideas and flawless execution is what, that we always aim to deliver to our clients”

(We got this information in a press release.)