Elda Health encourages women to #PressPlay on Conversations around Menopause

The digital campaign aims to encourage women to speak up about menopause and related challenges to drive awareness.

Elda Health, India’s first and only full-stack, one-stop digital FemTech health start-up catering to women during their menopausal and pre-menopausal years, is urging women to #PressPlay on conversations around menopause. The idea is to break the silence around the topic and the taboos associated with this stage which also marks the beginning of new opportunities in a woman’s life.

Women spend one third of their lives in menopause (on an average), and endure several associated health and wellness challenges. As per the Indian Menopause Society, there are over 150 million women living with the condition in India. However, the silence around this topic makes them feel constrained and they go hush-hush about it. There is also a lack of awareness among them. But it is time to #PressPlay with Elda Health which is enabling 97% women to better manage their menopause symptoms.

The campaign video shows how ‘Women don’t talk about Menopause’. They often do not understand the symptoms they experience such as weight gain, forgetfulness, poor bladder control, lack of sleep, constant tiredness and several other menopause related concerns. Women also feel extremely isolated during this phase since their loved ones and society at large are unable to understand them or their symptoms. Despite being keen on discussing these challenges, most women find no help or support. This is where Elda Health is working towards changing the narrative.

Speaking about this, Swathi Kulkarni, co-founder & CEO, Elda Health, said, “Over the years, there has been complete silence on menopause among women primarily due to lack of awareness and a support system in this critical phase of their lives. Symptoms are dismissed as common health issues, a generalization, and gap which led us to launch our campaign #PressPlay. We wanted them to open up and talk about this stage of their lives comfortably and our digital campaign is a huge step in that direction. We want to become the go-to digital support platform for women to become empowered with information and take charge of their wellness.”

Adding further, Swathi Kulkarni, said, “Elda’s #PressPlay campaign is an endeavour to bust the misconceptions around menopause as well the symptoms. We offer adequate, holistic as well as expert care for these challenges through right information, and integrating lifestyle changes and medical support where needed. Our curated content on the app eliminates the need to spend long hours of research online. By simply connecting with the online platform, women can transform their life quality and wellness experience.”

Over time, women have learnt to build strength through their vulnerabilities and that is what Elda stands for. The company is on a mission to provide support and solutions that make every woman feel positive and comfortable, come out with their challenges, discuss the subject, and address their health concerns. Elda’s easily accessible and available digital platform helps women with all their midlife and menopause-related queries and challenges.