Ashwini Gangal and Suraj Ramnath

Stories by 'Ashwini Gangal and Suraj Ramnath'


Race for Horlicks: Who will benefit most?

Nestle? May be Coca-Cola? ITC, perhaps? Then there's Unilever. Or Danone? Over to the experts.

The Priya Varrier Phenomenon: What's in it for brands?

How best can marketers leverage this sort of here-today-gone-tomorrow digital fame?

MIB moves condom ads to zombie time; an analysis

Will condom marketers move spends away from TV? Where will they go?

Cannes Lions Overhaul: What went wrong?

And are the authorities doing enough to solve the problems?

Here's Amazon Prime Video India's Diwali spot

And a quick round-up of the brand's previous ads in this market.

Why an acu-masseur, a bat maker, a physiotherapist and a statistician star in TVS Motors' digital film

The two-wheeler brand salutes the 'behind-the-scenes' faces of the cricketing world.

"40 hours of recording, 150 hours of composing, 50 hours of shooting": Siemens India on creating the #SoundOfWork digital film

Are musicians replacing copywriters? No. But, sound-only ads are becoming popular in Indian ad-land. The most recent example is Siemens India's #SoundOfWork digital film produced by Thought Process Films.

Paperboat's Neeraj Kakkar on new ad film 'Rizwan': "We were careful not to overdo it"

In 'Rizwan', Paperboat's recently-released digital film, a visually challenged character highlights the strong connection between smell, taste and memory. Animation is used as a tool to portray his childhood memories.

Dove puts dusky skin and white hair in the spotlight

The brand, that famously advocates 'real beauty', has launched a campaign that, once again, attempts to break the conventional 'rules of beauty'.

Ola insists it costs less than walking

The latest campaign for Ola Micro, created by Happy Creative Services, addresses the price-sensitive Indian consumer. One of the three new ads has been bashed by netizens, who perceive it as extremely sexist. Ola has promised to pull it off air.