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Apollo Tyres sharpens focus on the SUV segment in India

Apollo tyres have further consolidated their range in the SUV tyre segment with the launch of Apterra AT2, a tyre designed specially for the off-road enthusiasts.

Designed and developed as a collaborative effort between the two Global R&D Centres -- in Enschede, the Netherlands and in Chennai, India -- and a cross-functional team comprising members from R&D, Manufacturing, Service, Business Quality and Marketing, Apterra AT2 has been thoroughly tested in the toughest conditions across various countries.

Commenting on the launch, Satish Sharma, President, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (APMEA), Apollo Tyres Ltd said,“We are sharpening our focus on the SUV-segment in India, with specialised tyres for different terrains, as this vehicle segment is growing faster than passenger cars. The excellent test results, and the global efforts that have gone into developing the Apollo Apterra AT2, gives us the confidence that this tyre will set a new benchmark in the all-terrain tyre space, and will further propel our leadership in the SUV segment.”

The launch is supported by a high powered 360 media campaign. The first commercial for Apterra range developed by Wunderman Thompson along with the host of content for digital medium.

Commenting on the launch, Joy Chauhan, Managing Partner Wunderman Thompson, Delhi, said, “Apollo Apterra’s latest campaign “Bad Road Go To Good Places” will not only resonate with every off-roading and adventure enthusiast but will also connect with travellers at large as it captures an extremely important life truth as well . The campaign platform gives us an opportunity to develop rich content and engagement with our target users. We have already launched a community for off-roading enthusiasts “Bad Road Buddies” to further build on the culture of off-roading in India as well as all the markets where Apollo Apterra is present.”

“Bad roads lead to good places” is not just a philosophy but a way of life for an adventure seeker. Through this communication we wanted to change the stereotype of a “good place” in the consumers mind. We all know how a regular road leads to a regular mundane place, but when you push yourself and take-up a bad road, you reach an untouched, unexplored mythical place. It’s like hunting for a mystical, reaching a place which no one has ever seen. The campaign aims to pump-up all the existing and future SUV riders with a hope of opening up a new world of possibilities adds Sundeep Sehgal ECD Wunderman Thompson.

Equipped to handle obstacles both on-road and off-road, the Apollo Apterra AT2 is designed to outperform on all terrains. It has a patented tread design with 3D interlocking sipes, tread with DPF technology and the shoulder design with SAW-Tooth technology, which provides a higher level of traction. Triplex casing and high tensile steel belts makes the tyre highly durable and impact resistant. The herringbone grooves of the tyre ensure efficient water drainage on wet roads and provide better control during off-roading. The wider tread width provides stability during cornering.

Apollo’s existing Apterra range including specialised Highway Luxury (HL), Highway Terrain (HT), High Performance (HP) and the All -Terrain (AT) tyres across various sizes catering to majority of SUV models.