Collaboration, audience data, quality assets are key to transit media growth

#RA-OOH Railway Audio OOH Media Advertising performance is changing fast in India. In these modern days, some industry sectors are advancing at a vast pace and the regular traditional format of Advertising is increasingly declining. Amongst all-new formats of Advertising - The Mall Media, Social Media, Digital Media, Aviation Media, RA-OOH's Transit Media has a magnificent chance of regular growth and will provide constant value for money for advertisers on their media investment. RA-OOH (Railway Audio OOH) Media is the newest pattern of the Adverting industry.

RA-OOH (Railway Audio Advertising) medium is non-shippable, generates high attention reaching a massive captive audience. The high frequency hyperlocal RA-OOH ads build brand engagement and improve extensive brand impact, this augments the chance of brand registry in the sub-conscious mind of the commuter audience.

But our brains aren’t always making an entirely conscious choice - in fact, research has shown that consumer behaviour is in fact driven by subtle unconscious influences.

Some brand memories are explicit and accessible, so they can be easily recalled when a consumer thinks of a brand, while others are implicit and inaccessible, i.e. these memories influence the customer’s behaviour - even though they aren’t aware of their influence or existence.

Indian Railway is the lifeline of our country with crores of travellers depend upon railways for their family/ work/ education or leisure, the importance of the transport system cannot be ignored. According to Indian Railways statistics, at any given day 12,500 passenger trains are transporting approximately 2.5 Cr passengers every day. I.e. the enormous number of potential customers. Railway Audio OOH (RA- OOH) Advertising is one of the most innovative and budget effective techniques to reach to the mass target audience. Through Railways Announcements, brands can reach wide and diverse consumers.

Jingle Based- Railway Audio Advertising!

Where do you advertise when you want to reach everybody? Railway Audio OOH Media (RA-OOH) is an important medium for reaching an absolute marketing mix. You are not just addressing travellers with "Jingle based Audio Advertising (RA-OOH)." You are reaching families and professionals during their waiting time in their travel through strategically placed transit points (Railway Stations) in India.

“Voice dialogue marketing is the most significant breakthrough in advertising in the last few years. Voice-enabled dialogue ads allow users to connect with commuters, literally having an emotional conversation with the audience. People are more likely to recollect and respond to what has been verbally stated than just seen. Voice dialogue marketing does just that—it represents a dialogue, not a monologue with the audience.” Railway Audio OOH Media has helped many brands to have an emotional conversation with travellers.

How it works Technique!

The medium offers good scope for innovation, creativity, engagement, and fun also provides room for experimentation. Since the audio ads are operated from a private server, the audio ads can be quickly uploaded/ accessed from a single location, take campaign live in a short span of time. The duration of the ads range from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, with an average repetition of 100 Spots per day, every ad played can be monitored, tracked and presented with log report with day, location and time stamp.

Brand Re- Call

If you’re looking for a hard-working advertising format that makes huge waves amongst the commuter audience, RA-OOH (Railway Audio OOH) is a smart solution. Railway stations are present across India it’s easy to build a strong campaign with coverage, reaching a wide range of audiences and a variety of innovative formats unlocks the opportunities to creative possibilities.

Whether you’re watching to get as much exposure as you can or stay location-specific with big impact. Railway stations are affluent and powerful with 75% ABC1 and 57% business decision-makers of rail commuters use the same station on a weekly basis, giving brands the opportunity to repeatedly reinforce their brand communication message. Commuters experience high dwell time at the railway station, allowing the time for your message to be consumed by the audience. RA-OOH (Railway Audio Advertising OOH) is Scalable and smart, it has the ability to add multiple touch-points to your campaigns when they are on the move on a level to suit brand communication and budget. Whether the focus is on a single station or a package of multiple railway stations across India.

Ranjith Chakkath has explained that the medium helps the brand immensely to reach the message across the mass captive Audience group which is extremely budget-effective.

(We got this information in a press release.)