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Dennison Partners with Trace Network Labs to unveil brand store in Metaverse

It aims to provide an immersive shopping experience and using Power of Gaming, Web3 & AI.

Dennison is announcing its partnership with Trace Network Labs - a renowned workwear apparel company based in India - to build their first brand store in the PARIZ Metaverse for Fashion & Lifestyle. This collaboration will introduce an innovative and immersive shopping experience for Dennison's created digital collections in their PARIZ metastore, enabling the Brand to extend its already established Web2 digital footprint to the Web3 space as well. 

The Dennison Brand Metastore will go Live on PARIZ Metaverse on 28/08/2023 and can be visited at the following link: Dennison PARIZ Store. There are some exciting & unique offers, mentioned below, for ALL opening day visitors to the store.

At the heart of Dennison's ethos lies a vision of offering high-on-quality, affordable, sustainable & low-maintenance ready-to-wear fashion wear that resonates with people from all walks of life. Dennison has been known to integrate innovative methods and technologies in their business model. They have embraced e-commerce as their primary mode of sales & distribution - with no physical stores at all. This has enabled the brand to reach a large audience in a short span of time while also becoming a favorite go-to workwear brand for millennials.

Driven by this vision, Dennison chose PARIZ Metaverse, to expand its offerings by designing an extensive 3D virtual brand store in the metaverse to reach out to a much larger and global audience. 

Developed by Trace Network Labs, PARIZ is pioneering the new genre of online commerce, that will enable users to buy in the metaverse, and get their purchases delivered at their doorstep. PARIZ Metaverse's cutting-edge technology merges Web 3.0, 3D, AR/VR, and eCommerce, providing an unparalleled and engaging online shopping ecosystem. PARIZ has already onboarded fashion brands like Aditya Birla’s Styleup, Madame & Zivame who have opened their first retail metastores in the Metaverse. 

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