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Digital Industry Veterans enter the digital transformation space by launching will enable organisations to create and organise their MarTech stack and create data-based and outcome driven marketing strategy.

Ajay Verma, Enormous Brands co-founder, along with MarTech powerhouse Jayraj Jadhav, e-business head Marsh & Head of Marketing & E-business sales TATA AIG, highly regarded digital media maven Mihir Mehta, previously head – Media and Programmatic at iProspect India to launch It is India’s first Tech-based Data conversion company, which specializing in deep understanding of behavioral data that transforms brand conversion across all their internal data streams.

The inception of 0101 was spurred by the desire of the founding members to build a company that helps in improving customer acquisition. The company delivers the same by auditing existing Martech tools and reengineering the company’s data flows to unify data for all across the organisation. The company has offices in Mumbai & Delhi and is looking at expanding presence in Bangalore soon.

Commenting on the big launch, Ajay Verma, Managing Partner 0101.Today said, “Today, conversion is one of the most important marketing metric. We aim to deliver just that and not hide behind metrics that are mere leads driven. We help businesses collect and organise their data and drive data driven marketing programs and take responsibility of outcomes”

Speaking on the idea behind inception of this company Jayraj Jadhav, Managing Partner commented, “As a marketer I know the struggle is really about focusing on day-to-day work Vs foundational work. Lot of CMOs face challenges in which platforms or stack to invest into and how do we really get ROI on investments. There is a need to work on strategy, stack and structure together. As a MarTech Proponent we decided to get a team of experts together to help CMOs in this mission. We have built proven frameworks that will help deliver conversion and growth at scale”

“I always wanted to find some way to help brands and CMO’s grow @ scale. After working in agencies, I realized that most of the agencies get restricted to one or two platforms to drive performance. But the need of the hour is that brands need to move fast with sharp, smart, and more adaptable solutions without restricting themselves to platforms. This is what inspired us to change the outlook and create data driven solutions aimed towards growth and conversions,” added Mihir Mehta, managing partner

Shivi Verma, director Growth at 0101.Today adds, “In the game of growth marketing and conversions, emphasis is laid on consumer touchpoint as well as medium of message, unfortunately, ignoring the message itself. We aim to put personalised messaging at the centre of our data backed conversion strategy".

(We got this information in a press release).

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