India Ka Asli Tyohaar: A Nation Engaged– General Election 2024 vs. IPL 2024

With widespread engagement and diverse news consumption, the election offers tailored advertising strategies and a superior return on investment compared to the IPL.

As the nation eagerly awaits the General Election of 2024, reflections on the monumental impact of the 2019 elections underscore the profound significance of India's democratic ethos. Against this backdrop, advertisers find themselves presented with a compelling narrative that positions the General Election of 2024 as the pinnacle of engagement and influence, contrasting it with the allure of IPL 2024.

General Election 2019 Flashback: A Nation Engaged

The 2019 General Election transcended mere politics; it became a national spectacle, with 90 crore voters participating and 80 crore individuals closely following the news. This widespread engagement crossed geographical and social barriers, resonating deeply across the nation.

Diverse News Consumption: Reflecting India's Diversity

The election's diverse news consumption patterns mirrored India's linguistic and cultural diversity. With 52 crore viewers in Hindi, 11 crore in English, 9 crore in Kannada, and 7 crore in Bangla, it showcased inclusivity and representation across languages, emphasizing the importance of tailored advertising strategies.

Election Surpasses Major Sporting Events

The reach of news during the 2019 elections surpassed major sporting events like the 2023 IPL season (51 crore viewers) and the World Cup 2023 (52.8 crore viewers) on Disney Star TV Network. This highlights the enduring cultural resonance of "India Ka Asli Tyohaar," positioning the General Election as the premier platform for advertisers.

Elevating Advertising Strategies: General Election 2024 vs. IPL 2024

While IPL 2024 commands significant viewership, the General Election's cultural and political significance overshadows it. Considering return on investment (ROI), IPL advertising rates for 10 seconds range between 3 to 5 lakh, whereas on news networks, it varies between 20k to 50k. This pricing disparity positions the General Election as a superior ROI choice.

Demographic Profile: Parallels Between IPL and News Viewers

Despite different contexts, both IPL and news viewers share influential, predominantly male, higher-spending demographics. This convergence further underscores the General Election's appeal, offering access to a receptive and influential audience across platforms.

In conclusion, the 2024 General Election emerges as the premier choice for advertisers navigating media and entertainment dynamics, offering unparalleled impact and engagement. With the foundation laid by the 2019 elections and the momentum of "India Ka Asli Tyohaar," advertisers have the opportunity to shape the narrative of the future, connecting with a highly engaged audience across news and sporting platforms.

Although IPL 2023 boasted a reach of 51 crore people, the Republic Media Network aims to reach between 40 to 45 crore people during the upcoming election season. Ultimately, the General Election provides a platform for advertisers to reach a captivated audience deeply invested in shaping the nation's trajectory.

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