JSW Paints takes Any Colour One Price campaign to India’s upcountry markets

Targets new demand from consumers in Indian hinterland.

JSW Paints, India’s leading eco-friendly paints company and part of US$ 12 billion JSW Group, is taking its “Any Colour One Price” marketing campaign to India’s Tier II and upcountry markets. This campaign aims to bring about awareness in consumers on the different prices that they pay for different shades when they paint their homes and the inherent injustice in this way of pricing. In common categories like Apparel, Suitcases/travel bags, food items, etc. consumers pay the same price for their purchases irrespective of the colour. JSW paints believes that the case should be no different for paints – consumers should pay the same price for the category of paint irrespective of the shade.

According to A.S. Sundaresan, Joint MD & CEO of JSW Paints, “Consumers do not pay a different price for their colour of choice in other categories from apparels to automotives or cosmetics to durables. Why should they in paints? And most consumers are unware they pay extra for Colour when they buy paints, sometimes as much as the base paint itself. At JSW Paints we have thoughtfully brought the best in technology and global best practice to offer consumers the freedom of choice in colour with our promise of “Any Colour One Price” – the first and only paint company to do so in India.

The campaign currently launched in over 60 towns in the South and West of India through out of home media, features colourful visuals of categories where consumers don’t pay extra for colours and invokes the question in the consumers mind as to why they have to pay extra for colours when it comes to paints? It also has a strong digital push as well to ensure that the message of “Any Colour One Price” goes to every discerning customer across the country.

JSW Paints was launched in early 2019 as a greenfield venture backed by cutting-edge technology, automation and scale that is comparable to leading players in the sector. The company manufactures and markets both industrial coatings and decorative paints wherein it offers a range of family friendly, water-based paints for Interior & Exterior walls, wood & metal surfaces in Homes. The company’s biggest value proposition is its effort to usher transparency in pricing through “Any Colour One Price”.

(We got this information in a press release).

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