Market Xcel Data Matrix wins Hackathon organised by MRSI society

Market Xcel Data Matrix one of the leading disruptors in the Market Research Industry have added another feather to their cap by winning laurels at the Hackathon organized by MRSI society for the very first time in its 29th Annual Seminar which was powered by Datamatics and POC by HUL Unilever.

Being a pioneer name in the industry Market Xcel has time and again proven its mettle by creating a niche for itself in every domain it has delved in. With having serviced over 700 clients combined domestic and inbound it continues to reap the benefits of past professional collaborations for both present and future endeavors.

The secret behind its celebrated success goes to its exemplary team which embodies the belief in tailoring the outcomes of the studies purely on what the client seeks to service a customized solution for each and every client.

The recent win at MRSI organized Hackathon was a resultant of Market Xcel’s years long affinity towards the Retail sector accompanied with its in-depth research and analysis of the various aspects.

The proposed solution which was a joint effort of Market Xcel and Lucid represented -Team Reboot Theory - of opting for the Triangulation Technique –(B2B2C) will prove instrumental in bridging the gap between technology and the last mile consumers consumer sales of general trade while keeping the process feasible, consistent and efficient which will be a step ahead towards making the retail sector as whole slightly more accessible to innovative solutions and novel approaches and thus reducing the complexity of its ecosystem. And will pin Market Xcel on the National Map there by opening doors to more National and Global Level Projects.

The solution presented was prepared keeping in mind the various challenges the retail sector offers due to its vast and complex eco systems, and its ever-evolving nature accompanied with low penetration of digital IMS, gray sales and unavailability of the bills, unsorted display, reluctance, and resistance from retailers to delve details of their sales, mapping of database to barcode which still poses a hurdle till date.

Market Xcel had devised two routes as a part of the solution to approach the problem at hand one was via designing an app-based solution which centered on capturing the counter sales of FMCG products through scanner-based POS via creating universe of barcode, setting up panel, collecting data via application, analysis of data collected and reporting on dashboard along with maintaining a track of the inventory and the stocks SKU’s. The data collected via the application was authenticated via ML and AI also the data was kept secured from getting leaked or tampered with. The application-based route ensured benefits reaching the retailers to ensure continuous participation and sustenance of the loyal participants.

The other route devised was marketplace app solution which was aimed at bridging the gaps within the marketplace that existed between the buyers and the suppliers also to bring ease to doing business in general trade.

Due to Market Xcel’s strong hold in the retail sector and its past work in the domain which gave birth to M- bill application, a sole venture of firm it serves an undue advantage in their favor to disrupt the sector and streamline to make it better for all.

Market Xcel is one such place which believes in nurturing young and buddying talents and tapping into their true potentials to make them transform into fruit bearing majestic trees who can brave through the weathering storms and embrace the success of their undue labor. The brand continues to have a Midas touch in transforming and touching lives and its unconventional approach towards any obstacle exemplifies the same.

Market Xcel believes in being a phoenix which rises from ashes each time to emerge more majestic from the ever before.

(We got this information in a press release).