MY FM launches 'Gita Darshan'

The new show is based on the concept of holy Bhagwad Gita for the new-age generation.

MY FM, the radio arm of DB Corp Ltd., launched a unique concept around the holy Bhagwad Gita for the new-age generation. The new show “Gita Darshan”, sponsored exclusively by LIC, will have a modern outlook on the holy scripts and will be aired as a daily 15-minute capsule every morning.

Gita Darshan will feature Krishna’s Sudarshan-Chakra as the main host and will give solutions to current day-to-day struggles that the new generation faces. The solutions will be inferred from different anecdotes that Lord Krishna shares with Arjun in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Just like Arjun gets perplexed during the Mahabharat and seeks Lord Krishna’s guidance, the current-generation has a lot of unanswered questions to their daily confusions and looks-up to peers and the internet for guidance. Unlike Lord Krishna, the internet’s bandwidth for such solutions is very limited. Gita Darshan brings back all the life-lessons given by Krishna and fits them in-sync with this generation’s problems. The packaging of the daily capsules is done to cater students and young professionals of new India.

Commenting on the concept, Rahul Namjoshi, COO, MY FM says, “The pandemic has affected everyone physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is the time now where each one of us must rise and show full energy of ours to bounce back. Since the Bhagwad Gita is the age-old solution to anything under the sun, we thought this year people need to understand its essence more than ever.”

(We got this information in a press release).