New Age Parents turn to digital for old sleep traditions with ‘Sounds of Sleep’

The Digital Series garnered 23 Mn+ YouTube views in less than 3 months.

Rahul Jain doesn’t remember when little Taira last slept so soundly. As a recent parent, he was quite uncomfortable with the idea of outsourcing sleep duties to nursery rhymes. So one day while searching for Indian lullabies, he stumbled upon Sounds of Sleep. “One of my earliest memories was my mother putting my sister to sleep singing Nanhi Kali Sone Chali, and I wanted a similar experience of parenthood. With Sounds of Sleep, I get to have a similar moment with my child.”

Rahul is one amongst millions of parents the world over who re-discovered their favourite lullabies. Sunny Side Up and Duroflex co-created the ‘Sounds of Sleep’ initiative launched on World Sleep Day in March 2021, which has gathered over 23 million views on YouTube in less than three months while delivering earned media worth over 1 Million USD for the brand.

Conceptualised and ideated by Sunny Side Up, the digital series of lullabies was co-produced by Lodestar UM Studios and Sony Music.

Sounds of Sleep was all about reviving lullabies, the proven relaxation and sleep aid being used for children for at least 4000 years. Duroflex, a leading sleep solutions brand, curated a collection of popular regional lullabies from across India. A digital series featuring some phenomenal singers bringing some of the most loved lullabies was very well received by the viewers.

The campaign has resonated with Indians across the world, Divya Sarkar a young mother in Sunnyvale, California mentioned how challenging it is to discover regional lullabies. “I have been away from India for 12 years now, but I want my child to not forget where she has come from. Ghumer Pori is the first song I remember from my childhood, and I am so glad that it is the first lullaby that my child listened to. I am also discovering other Indian lullabies through this series, and honestly, they transport me back home every night.”

The campaign has received a reach of over 5 million through influencers, while the brand trended for the very first time on World Sleep Day, cutting through the clutter of campaigns. Popular internet parents generated over 70K interactions and their followers and fans loved it.

Out of the 22.7 Million YouTube views and those millions more on other social media platforms, over 50% of the views involved parents of young children between ages 1 and 5 years.

The series is hosted by popular film & theatre actor, philanthropist, and mother Kalki Koechlin. This six-episode series features prominent Indian singers like Monali Thakur, Shilpa Rao, Chinmayi Sripada, Sanah Moidutty, Shalmili Kholgade, Geetha Madhuri, singing lullabies from different parts of India in languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, and Punjabi.

The response to the campaign encouraged the brand to take this to the next level. In the next phase of the campaign, content creators will be involved to keep the property alive. On World Music Day, Duroflex launched Sounds of Sleep Sessions, which reaches young upcoming music talents share renditions of their favourite lullabies.

About the success of the campaign, Smita Murarka, chief marketing officer, Duroflex, said, “As India’s sleep coach, we wanted to go back to our roots, celebrating this sleep routine tradition from various parts of India and curate it digitally for the convenience of new-age millennial parents. The messages and comments by these parents are really heart-warming to see. We couldn’t think of a better platform than World Sleep Day to launch this unique series to create awareness about the importance of healthy sleep.”

Speaking about how the idea was conceptualised, Anand Krishnan, founder and partner, Sunny Side Up, said, “Duroflex as a brand has always stood for good sleep and health for all Indians. With Sounds of Sleep, we intend to revive an old Indian tradition and create pride in our unique regional heritage. We believe that lullabies are a string that connects the mother, her child and decades of nostalgia. With Sounds of Sleep, we wanted to give the core audience content that will help reinforce our brand within the minds of our audiences in an interesting and innovative content format that they could consume anytime, anywhere.”

Rohit Chopra, co-founder, Sunny Side Up, said, “The idea came about, keeping in mind the 28-35 years old young parents who step into parenthood and are always online to look for tips and best practices. We were also looking to target the grandparents who would find it easier to introduce their children to these lullabies. The fact that over 50% of the attention that the campaign has received comes from this is a testimony that our efforts were in the right direction.”

(We got this information in a press release).