OMR Home proves to be a Beneficial Alternative for upcoming CBSE Board Examinations (OMR-Based)

Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, the CBSE has declared to conduct pre-board examinations for classes 9th to 12th in OMR-based mode this year. Students have to appear for OMR examinations where they just need to tick the correct answers out of the options given to them. A revolutionary step has been taken by CBSE, it tends to encourage digitization in the education system.

However, there are many upsides and downsides of conducting an OMR-based examination through an OMR software that is available in the market.

Talking about the upsides, students get a lot of benefits through this examination. They need to just mark the correct answers in the OMR sheet provided to them. This in turn allows them to save their time and effort in writing long descriptive answers in their examination. Also, while attempting such kinds of examinations they get hands-on practice which makes them future-ready for competitive and other similar exams.

On the other hand, teachers save their time as they just have to match the student responses with correct answers marked in the OMR sheets. Unlike before, they need not check every answer of the student and then evaluate them based on the answers written in their exam.

The downsides of the OMR-based examination have to be that the students have to skip the practice of writing descriptive answers. They study in a shortcut mode and look for shorter methods for learning. Ultimately, they lack the practice of attempting descriptive papers which can impact their future examinations.

In addition to this, many challenges come along the way when conducting an OMR-based examination. First and foremost, designing and printing OMR sheets for CBSE board exams in bulk can become a daunting task. As there are lakhs of students who appear for the CBSE exam each year, it becomes necessary for them to print lakhs of OMR sheets. The officials have to plan, design, and print the sheets according to the requirement of the board. In addition to this, teachers have to waste a lot of time manually checking each option marked by the student in the OMR sheet.

After evaluating the students, it takes additional time to generate the results of lakhs of students. Hence, this whole process becomes very time-consuming. The real challenges come when students mark the incorrect option in the OMR sheets or simply fill out the wrong information.

However, all these challenges can be easily overcome through OMR home’s “Verificare” software. Verificare is an excellent OMR software that lets educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, coachings, and olympiads carry out their examinations smoothly. Through this software, educational institutions can produce high-quality OMR sheets for the students.

OMR Home proves to be a Beneficial Alternative for upcoming CBSE Board Examinations (OMR-Based)

In the case of CBSE exams, this software can lay a hand in conducting a hassle-free pre-board examination. It is powered by next-gen technology such as Artificial intelligence that helps streamline the entire exam conduction process. It has wrong answer detection and anti-cheat features that can easily detect incorrect answers without the need for human intervention. Hence, it reduces the burden of examiners to assess tons of OMR sheets and go through each option marked by the students.

The best part about this OMR software is that it can be used by a layman as well. There is no need to possess a specific set of technical skills to kick start the process of exam conduction. The respective examiners can easily design the sheet as per their requirements, print it using any kind of printer, Scan it, read the form, and get the results quickly.

The process is very simple; All one needs to do is Scan the OMR sheet ->The software will read the data and generate the result within a single click -> This data can then be exported into various formats such as Excel or CSV.

Although there are many OMR Software available that educational institutions can make use of, there are certain benefits and features that makes Verificare stand out from the others.

● Avoid using multiple software for designing, scanning, printing, or generating results. Verificare provides a one-stop solution for all the requirements.

● Anti-cheat and incorrect answer detection feature powered by Artificial Intelligence technology.

● Supports numerous formats and quality of papers for printing & scanning.

● 100% data reading guaranteed

● Accurate results and cropping of certain areas like photograph, signature, as per the requirements.

In this ongoing covid pandemic, OMR Home is offering a 30% special discount to the schools to carry out a seamless examination process. It would ease the checking process for the teachers and for the examination authority to generate results.

OMR Home proves to be a Beneficial Alternative for upcoming CBSE Board Examinations (OMR-Based)

Verificare can help in reducing the administrative and operational burden of examiners that they face during their day-to-day exam conducting process. With the majority of processes automated, they can simply avoid this time-consuming process and improve their efficiency and accuracy.

OMR Home focuses on offering a one stop solution for education institutions. It is taking a step ahead to alter the examination process and ease the evaluation process in the current scenario. The OMR sheet for the CBSE board exam is a great option for examination conducting authorities to streamline the CBSE examination process. This alternative of conducting traditional paper-based examinations will avoid human intervention and make the exam process error-free. Hence, through these OMR-based exams. CBSE has paved the way for the digital revolution in the education domain.