Opicxo hires Fark to execute their new age social media campaign #SeizeTheClick

The campaign was named #SeizeTheClick because it implied to respect one’s photography skills and the inner talent.

Opicxo as a brand stands for being India’s largest search engine for finding professional photographers. They bridge the gap between professional photographers and the end users by solving their major problems related to managing manpower, money and technology. So, if you are having a marriage, or a baby shower, or a party, Opicxo is the one stop solution to all your photography needs.

Conceptualized by Fark, the social media campaign #SeizeTheClick highlights the most common mistakes people make while clicking a DSLR photograph if they don’t have the required knowledge. The campaign was named #SeizeTheClick because it implied to respect one’s photography skills and the inner talent.

Often, students and young adults are fascinated by the art of clicking pictures through a professional camera. This leads to some of them actually investing in it and addressing themselves as photographers without having sufficient knowledge or practise. No doubt, a few surprisingly struggle and learn and become credible photographers.

But a lot of them end up just being freeloaders to the photography profession which becomes a slight disadvantage to the ones who actually give in time, money and effort to reach where they are. The campaign justifies the fact that just by investing in a DSLR and doing random photoshoots doesn't make one a photographer. The customer could have a different perspective of the campaign which could be, when somebody hires a person just because they own a professional camera and equipment, the credibility is lost. The moment won’t be captured in the moment because the person lacks experience.The copy ‘Unskilled photographers can ruin your moments’ revolves around the same idea.

Jay, co- founder, Opicxo shares, “Opicxo as a brand stands for photographers and wants to assist them in all possible ways. Hence, introducing a campaign with team Fark to talk about how unskilled photography can ruin your moments mattered a lot to us. For a startup who has been growing rapidly in the industry, standing strong with the community of photographers is what makes us more connected with our audience and builds a feeling of togetherness.”

Yash Joshi, founder, Fark adds “I strongly believe that any campaign we make needs to connect with the set audience. That’s the best way to have a stronger recall value. Working on a campaign which solves the crucial issue of a photographer’s life in a snackable and light hearted manner was indeed a challenge for the team. But our creative juices never fell short of those unorthodox ideas. Hoping to create some more Fark in the near future”

(We got this information in a press release).