Pepsico India partners with Gurugram police to enhance mask usage in the Millennium City

Initiative aimed at driving awareness amongst citizens to maintain safety measures during the pandemic.

As a part of its continued efforts to fight COVID-19 pandemic in the city, PepsiCo India today partnered with the Gurugram Police to amplify awareness on mask usage and compliance. PepsiCo India handed over 20,000 reusable masks to the Gurugram police, that will be given to citizens who are found not wearing masks in public places. PepsiCo India had also recently launched a special initiative for the sanitation workers in Gurugram, which also included distribution of hygiene kits to Gurugram Police to reach out to over 2000 sanitation workers in the city.

The initiative was flagged in the presence of K.K. Rao, IPS Commissioner of Police, Gurugram and Mr. Viraj Chouhan, Chief Government Affairs and Communications Officer, PepsiCo India. Also, present at the occasion were Himanshu Priyadarshi, Director, Public Policy and Government Affairs, PepsiCo India.

Commenting on the initiative, K.K. Rao, IPS Commissioner of Police, Gurugram, said “Masks and social distancing are critical elements that must be followed by everyone in our fight against COVID-19. It’s important for everyone to wear masks for their and others safety. We are happy with our partnership with PepsiCo India and feel that this initiative of handing over reusable masks to those who are not wearing it will further aid our attempt to raise awareness and mask compliance in the city.”

Speaking about the initiative, Viraj Chouhan, Chief Government Affairs and Communications Officer, PepsiCo India said, “As the country continues to fight Covid-19, PepsiCo India remains deeply committed in extending its full support to the nation. As a part of the same endeavor, we are happy to lend our support to the Gurugram Police in their efforts to combat the pandemic. By distributing reusable masks, we are offering a safe and eco-friendly way for people to protect themselves and their community from the transmission of the virus.”

Along with two reusable masks, information education and communication (IEC) will be handed over to people that talks about the best hygiene practices to be followed to prevent the spread of the virus; including handwashing procedures, wearing masks properly, and practicing preventive measures like social distancing.

(We got this information in a press release).