Shop101's new campaign celebrates trust

Urges users to trust that Shop101 will be with them at every step of their journey.

Reselling app Shop101 has launched a campaign to celebrate trust with its reseller network. Through this campaign the brand urges users to trust that Shop101 will be with them at every step of their journey, through successes and failures.

The brand believes that homemakers have always been pivotal to a family’s function and family members trust that the homemaker will make their house a home. The brand tries to draw a parallel to the trust that homemakers have in Shop101. Many homemaker-turned-entrepreneurs trust that the brand keeps their business flourishing, the same way, their family trusts in them, creating a full circle in this ring of trust.

Abhinav Jain, Founder and CEO of Shop101 said, “Celebrations are going to be different this festive season, but one’s online business is how your customers will still celebrate the trust they have in our resellers”.

He continued, “We want to make festivities of 2020 work more for the reselling business and resellers to celebrate trust with not just us but with their customers. Just the way the family trusts the reseller and breadwinner, we know resellers rely on us”.

The campaign is live on various social media platforms across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Sharechat with the hashtag #CelebrateTrust; along with an online event planned called With You around the theme of celebrating trust; where along with the resellers even the families would be invited.

Creative Producers: Steffi Chiramel, Prashant Redekar

Brand Manager: Saurav Chatterjee
Editing: Sameer Mohite, Aarfa Shahab

Voice Over: Sakshi Jain

(We got this information in a press release).