Study24x7 promises to be India’s First Social Learning Network in the Education Industry

The need for bringing both learners and educators together on the same platform led to the creation of Study24x7. This social learning network was built to let learners interact with their peers and educators while attending their online classes with them. Apart from this, what if we told you that this platform also has inbuilt features that are similar to a social media platform? Sounds interesting right?

Unlike a social media platform, posting, sharing information, communicating with friends and teachers, etc have also been some of the notable features of this platform. These features do not lead to distraction and affect the learning of learners. Instead, the platform has been designed in such a way that learners can post, share and indulge in educational content only.

This platform was established in the year 2018 with the aim of connecting learners and educators on the same platform while letting them make the most of their educational needs. The major goal of this platform lies in providing a strong “social learning network” with the help of which both the learning and teaching community can successfully carry out their end goal feasibly.

With the availability of multiple social networks, the main aspect that sets this social learning network apart from the others is its multiple features that are similar to a social media platform. However, the founder of Study24x7, Ankit Khandelwal wanted to create a platform that avoids unnecessary distractions that come in handy when using a social network.

The need to create a unique platform that helps learners to be in line with their learning goals and indulge in minimum distraction led to the creation of the product from scratch. The concept of “Learning Wall” was introduced in the platform where learners would be able to purely engage in learning activities. For example, they can read various educational posts and interact with them via the feature of like, share and comment which is similar to a social media platform.

This social learning network caters to the needs of both learners and educators through their learner and educator model. There are various benefits that this platform provides to the learning and teaching community.

Benefits for Learners

Access to free & Paid Courses - Learners can access a variety of courses on this online study platform which is both free and paid. Gaining valuable knowledge at a reasonable cost is not an obstacle anymore, the platform has plenty of courses that are designed as per every learner’s needs.

Personalized Learning Experience - Learners can indulge in a personalized learning experience on this social learning network. The platform has knowledgeable and experienced educators who provide one on one learning sessions, mentorships and customized study materials that fit each learner’s requirements.

Curriculum Wise Study Materials - This online study platform has numerous study materials that are designed as per the learner’s curriculum. With 50+ educational interests, it provides interactive study materials for learners to prepare for their respective examinations.

Learning Socially with Peers - Social learning is very important for a learner as they can learn better and participate in their online learning to the fullest. This platform provides social learning benefits to the learners where they can study with their peers and classmates together and engage in their learning.

“PrepHubs” for all Educational Needs - Prephubs is a one-stop solution for all the learning needs of a learner. It is similar to a repository where learners can find all the necessary educational information such as courses, study materials, articles, etc in one place.

Benefits for Educators

Collaborate with thousands of Learners - This social learning network can also be used as an online teaching platform where educators can easily collaborate and teach thousands of learners. The platform has a huge learner base that is constantly seeking teaching services which is a win-win situation for educators.

Designing Courses & Study Materials - Educators are able to easily design courses and study materials as this online teaching platform provides various interactive tools for content creation.

Interact with your Learners in Real-time - Educators have the option to interact with their learners in a real-time environment via an inbuilt chat system provided on the platform. This chat system can be used in the ongoing online class where educators can simply communicate and solve the doubts of their learners.

Various Monetization Options - The best part about this social learning network is that it provides great earning potential for educators. With the help of this platform, educators can simply sell courses, notes, mock tests, etc and earn a high income.

Tech-Friendly Platform - Teaching on this online platform is not a fuss as educators are able to easily kick start their teaching journey without any prior technical knowledge.

The biggest achievement of Study24x7 is that it has successfully helped learners and educators overcome the challenges faced in E-learning. This platform gives an opportunity for learners and educators to excel in their respective fields. Learners are able to maximize their learning with increased class participation whereas educators are able to teach the learners and earn a high income.

With the help of this social learning network, the founders aim to nurture a good learning and teaching environment for both learners and educators. The end goal is to ultimately help the learning and teaching community establish their online presence and carry out their educational needs successfully.

Study24x7 has contributed a lot to E-learning and will continue to do so in the coming years. With its interactive and engaging features which are similar to a social media platform, it is able to capture the attention of learners and encourage them to study online. Unlike other E-learning platforms, this platform does not solely promote online learning but allows learners to take their learning outside the classroom.

Social learning has become a necessary skill in 2021 as learners tend to learn and observe their surroundings and gain valuable knowledge from each other. With Study24x7, learners can gain these skills and use them in their day-to-day learning and in the future as well. They can easily accomplish their learning goals and become a part of collaborative learning where they can study together with their peers and teachers.

Study24x7 strives to provide the best learning and teaching experience to its huge community of learners and educators. This platform has played a major role in shaping the career of its learners through its various social learning features and benefits. With an effective combination of collaborative learning, cost-effective approach and robust technology, this platform is on its way to becoming the number one social learning network in India.

(We got this information in a press release).