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The Viral Fever (TVF) and IKEA India Join Forces for Mini Series "Tankesh Diaries"

The upcoming season of Tankesh Diaries celebrates the essence of everyday life at home .

The Viral Fever (TVF) has announced a partnership with IKEA India for a brand new mini-series, Tankesh Diaries. The 3-episodic series relives one of the most loved couples from the TVF universe, Mikesh and Tanya.

Starring Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh as Mikesh and Tanya, the series airs on TVF’s YouTube channel on 21st March’23. The story premise revolves around Mikesh's birthday prior to which, Tanya is feeling the pressure, the metaphorical, ‘Winter is coming’ level. With Mikesh and Tanya wanting to celebrate their birthdays differently from each other, the couple ends up disagreeing on everything, from food to furniture, creating a series of hilarious and relatable conflicts. 

As always has been the case with TVF, the brand integration of IKEA into the series is seamless with the story flowing right into the brand’s values and what it stands for. 

Vijay Koshy, president of TVF, had this to say about the partnership with IKEA India, "We are thrilled to be partnering with IKEA India for this latest mini-series, Tankesh Diaries. The show delves into the relatable struggles of life at home and we couldn't have found a better brand than IKEA that showcases the ease of living with its home furnishing solutions. With IKEA's commitment to creating a better everyday life for many people and TVF's reputation for creating relatable and entertaining content, this partnership promises to bring fans a new and exciting chapter in the story of Mikesh and Tanya”. 

Commenting on this collaboration, Anna Ohlin, country marketing head, IKEA India, said “IKEA India wants to reach out to the many people to showcase its affordable, good quality, sustainable home furnishing solutions and Tankesh Diaries gives us the opportunity to connect with the audience through Mikesh and Tanya’s story and how IKEA plays an important role in their lives in this upcoming season. We look forward to collaborating and showcasing IKEA’s offerings through relatable visual stories on digital platforms.”

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