Vanitha – Vithumuthal Vilavu Vare Scheme

It is a women – led homegrown vegetables & organic agriculture initiative.

Vanitha joins hands with Swasthi Foundation (NGO) and Department of Agriculture state of Kerala to bring every housewife into home-stead farming. Starting from the households of Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargode, Kerala is gearing up for a new agricultural revolution.

The focus of the scheme is to develop organic vegetable gardens in 1,00,000 households in Kerala. This is an important step as the state of Kerala is currently falling short of vegetable production. Hence it is the objective of the state government to make it self sufficient in the near by future. The scheme is curated exclusively for WOMEN and only Women residing in Kerala can take part in this.

Reaping home grown food, health and happiness in our homes would be the key benefits of this Project. Free training in household farming will be given to all women who register for the scheme. Sessions shall be delivered online which will be led by agriculture experts.

Participants availing practical training from their respective Krishi Bhavans will be given a certificate of completion. Selected candidates will be provided with free grow bags and necessary assistance for homestead farming.

"This is a meaningful step towards a future where Keralites can finally have nutritious food right from their home gardens. Truly happy that this is not just farming practices but scientific understanding of preparation and serving food too.'' says Pooyam Thirunal Gowri Parvathy Bai (Patron, Swasthi Foundation)

Training in Food Serving

Another aspect of the project is food literacy. Instead of sticking to planning and harvesting practices, this project also trains participants in gaining scientific insights in to choosing and serving the food items. Training will also be given for producing quality seeds. The joy of cooking and serving homegrown produces is not a small thing as it also makes our food nutritional and free from harmful chemicals.

(We got this information in a press release).