VideoTap awarded 7 US Patents for Non-Linear Video Streaming

Patented Technology to power its Video Experience Management Platform.

VideoTap – The video technology startup founded by N Dilip Venkatraman (former CEO of CNN-IBN, now CNN-News18 and IBN7, now News18 India) and Savvy Dilip (former Group CMO of ITV Network), has announced that it has been awarded 7 patents by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its dynamic, adaptive, real time and non-linear video streaming technology, which enables Personalized Multi-Functional Streaming of videos. Multi-Functional videos are powerful and offer many more functionalities than regular linear videos.

VideoTap helps video content producers across genres like marketing, e-Learning, News, Sports, e-Commerce and Advertising, to increase engagement, within the video itself and achieve higher ROI. VideoTap also provides in-video consumer behaviour analytics, which is very useful for the video content producers and publishers, to understand viewer preferences and behaviour. VideoTap offers its platform to customers on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

All the 7 US patents have been co-invented by N Dilip Venkatraman and Savvy Dilip, the promoters of VideoTap. The patents numbers for the US patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are US 10743053, US 10085049, US 10419784, US 10327043, US 10516909, US 10637842 and US 10659505

Speaking on this development, N Dilip Venkatraman, founder and CEO of VideoTap, and co-inventor of the 7 patents said, “We are excited that our IP portfolio building exercise is off to a good start. We are in the process for filing many more patents. These patents strengthen our resolve to build world class products for world leading customers”.

Savvy Dilip, founder and COO of VideoTap, and Co-Inventor of the 7 patents elaborates, “In linear videos the main functionality is watching, whereas in Multi-Functional videos the consumer can navigate, engage, participate, get information, personalize and trigger call to action all within the video itself. We look forward to leveraging our IP to build cutting edge products ”

Incidentally, VideoTap is the first Non-UC Affiliated start pp to be accepted into University of California Santa Cruz’s Accelerator located in Santa Clara, California. Commenting on the patents, successful Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, Corporate Executive, Board Member, Speaker and Writer, Dr. Sanjit Singh Dang, Chairman of UFirstCapital said, “We saw many areas of application for VideoTap’s technology and these patents are a positive development and add to their value proposition story as they go about building the product and achieving customer traction”.

VideoTap is building its IP portfolio of defensible patents, as it pursues in its mission to increase consumer engagement, by giving unprecedented control to the consumer over the video experience, and in the process increase video consumption and benefit video content producers.

(We got this information in a press release).