WeWork celebrates the flexible and enduring human spirit with a brand new campaign in 2021

It emphasizes on how flexibility is the new norm when it comes to business continuity and work-life balance.

Last year was a rollercoaster of emotions. Plans changed first and then got cancelled, and businesses in particular had to pivot their growth strategies. Amidst all this volatility, persevering human spirit and flexibility emerged as the true beacon of hope and sustenance. To celebrate this spirit and kickstart the new year on a positive note, WeWork, the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces, community, and services, has rolled out its brand new campaign “When Plans Change, Plan With WeWork”. The campaign is specifically created for social media and aims to emphasise the importance of flexibility that WeWork provides to businesses, especially when circumstances change overnight, as they did last year.

The three month long campaign went live today with the first brand film that tugs at the most relatable aspect of last year, and showcases what we missed about our workplace. The film inspires viewers to not lose hope and give up on their aims, instead partner with WeWork who can provide flexibility to businesses of all sizes and help them realise their dreams. The other brand films from the campaign which will go live subsequently in the first quarter of 2021 will further celebrate the enduring human spirit and focus on the importance of getting India’s workforce back to work in order to reignite their spirit and sense of community. They will be a combination of a heartfelt yet very relatable take on how challenging ‘Work From Home’ has been for most people over the past year. The films will focus on the real challenges of working without a physical community, and how flexible workspaces can help in restoring work-life balance once again in 2021.

Speaking about the launch of the campaign, Vineet Singh, Head of Brand & Marketing at WeWork India, said, “Last year was very intense, not just for businesses or the economy, but for all of humanity. Two of the most salient things we learnt from last year are that plans can change overnight and that human beings are extremely tenacious. To celebrate this spirit and the sense of community in closing the previous year together, we have kickstarted 2021 with a brand new campaign. At WeWork, community is at the core of everything we do which is why our spaces are focused towards our members. From the actual physical design and interiors to the community teams, members always come first. So if you remove members from the space - we’re just an empty space devoid of energy and all the magic that comes from the community. The changes experienced in the past year have actually unearthed the importance of physical human interaction and engagement at the workplace, even if it is socially distanced. We have missed the electric brainstorming sessions, the comfort of taking a chai-break together and the sense of community that people bring to the workplace happily. Without our community, our spaces are incomplete. Through this campaign we want to highlight that human interaction is paramount to productivity and express to our members that we are ready to welcome them back into our spaces, while ensuring every single aspect of safety and hygiene is taken care of; from revised seating layouts to making social distancing mandatory. This campaign is an ode to our community, and we hope to be reunited with them in 2021”

(We got this information in a press release).

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