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Ripple Fragrances gives brands a new sense with the launch of "IRIS Brand Signature Fragrance"

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Mumbai, May 29

Ripple Fragrances, the fragrance arm of the Rs 300 crore NR Group, today announced the launch of their unique concept ‘Brand Signature Fragrance’ as a part of its IRIS brand. This concept is to add a new dimension with the way organizations can build their brands. Traditionally brands are recognized through sight (logo) and sound (advt jingles), IRIS Brand signature fragrance now allows an organization to have its brand recognized through SMELL.

Research says 75% of all emotions we generate every day are due to our sense of smell and taste and yet 83% of the commercial communication we are exposed to everyday is designed to appeal to our sense of sight. Brand custodians, world over are loosing out on an important dimension of the brand experience – the olfactory dimension.

Based on this insight, Ripple Fragrances has embarked on a two pronged strategy. For institutional customers, it has embarked on an initiative to provide ‘Brand Signature Fragrances’ or customized fragrances delivered through novel delivery systems such as reed diffusers and fragrance vaporizers that will enable a holistic brand experience to its customers.

For small establishments and in-home consumers it is launching the IRIS range of products. Offerings under the IRIS brand harness to the power of aromacology to provide olfactory delight through a host of delivery systems such as Reed Diffuser, Fragrance Vaporizer, Fragrance Gifts, Aroma Candles, Potpourri, Fragrant Stones, Fragrant Sachets, Garden Incense and Signature Incense.

Speaking about the launch of IRIS products, Mr. Arjun Ranga, Managing Partner, NR Group, said, “The fact that we are one of the few in India, to create and blend perfumes in-house gives us a competitive edge in understanding and creating fragrances that meet the unique preferences of the Indian consumer. It is our endeavor to catapult the NR Group from a position of leadership in agarbathies to a position of leadership in the home fragrance and wellness domains.

Mr. Kiran Ranga, CEO, Ripple Fragrances and Brand Fragrance Creator has introduced a systematic process of creating signature fragrances for the customers of Ripple. Speaking about the signature fragrance created for a leading apparel store he said, “We first visited the a leading apparel brand outlet in Bangalore to get a first hand feel of consumer brand experience – like clothing line, colours, textures and materials used in the store décor. All these elements including the inputs provided by management about their positioning strategy were considered in developing a Signature Fragrance, which reinforces the brand experience.”

Commenting on the research and consulting procedure Kiran Ranga said “It took us nearly a week to develop Signature Fragrance options at our in-house fragrance creation centre in Mysore. Out of the three, one was chosen after conducting an on-site research designed to capture the synergy between the olfactory traits of each option and its fit with the apparel brands Brand Identity”

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