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Yahoo! Big Idea Chair presented to Mentos Team

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Mumbai, May 29

O&M won their BIG IDEA CHAIR for the Mentos Helpline Campaign recently at

the Yahoo! Summit Series. This chair was presented to the Perfetti Team

(Mentos) comprising of Sameer Suneja - Head Marketing and Namita Gupta -

Group Product Manager during a small ceremony at their office in Santa Cruz

(E) on Friday.

Yahoo! has hosted a number of creative summits across the globe but this is

the first time such a summit has been organised in India. The main purpose

of the summit was to judge the effectiveness of the digital medium with

respect to advertising and reaching the desired target audience.

The Mentos Helpline campaign has been created with the aim of providing the

'Mentos way' out of uncomfortable situations to poor souls in distress. As

all the candies in the segment are priced at 50 paise-Re 1, there is little

room for price differentiation. Creating the Mentos Helpline to involve the

user more rigorously with the brand has been the strategy adopted by Mentos

to increase its sales figures.

For further information, please contact:

Perfetti Van Melle

Prabha Villa, 7th Road

Near Monginis Bakery

Santa Cruz (E)

Near Santa Cruz (E) Railway Station

Ph: 022 - 66680100

Brian Ammanna

Associate Consultant

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Bangalore

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